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Lights and Sirens Emergency Response Study (LASERS)
Roney N, Taylor S, Kitch B, Portela R, March JA
Prehospital Emergency Care 2021;25(1):137

Assessing Safety of Ketamine Administered by Paramedics for Pain and Sedation
Kitch B, Ezzell W, Nelson R, March JA, Williams J, Portela R, Winslow J
Prehospital Emergency Care 2021;25(1):137

Capnography: A Comparison of Neonatal/Infant and Adult/Child Sampling Sets
Taylor S, Kuehn D, Hubble M, Chovaz M, Ledoux M, March JA, Kitch B, Portela R
Prehospital Emergency Care 2021;25(1):160

Statewide Pilot Project Assessing Safety of Ketamine in NC
Kitch B, Ezzell W, Portela R, Nelson R, March JA, Winslow J
Prehospital Emergency Care 2021;25(1):160

CAT versus SAM-XT Tourniquets: A Comparative Study 
Smith G, Taylor S, Portela R, March JA, Adams J.
Prehospital Emergency Care 2020:24(1):108

Application of Different Commercial Tourniquets by Laypersons: Would Public Access Tourniquets
Work Without Training
Portela R, Taylor S, Sherrill C, Dowlen W, March JA, Kitch B, Brewer K.
Acad Emerg Med. 2020Apr;27(4):276-282.PMID 32202366

Tourniquet Application by Lay People:  Measuring the effect of Audio Instructions
Byquist B, Piner A, Portela R, March J, Taylor S.
Prehospital Emergency Care 2019:23(1):104

Evidence-Based Guidelines: What every EMS professional needs to know
March JA, Somes J, Martin-Gill C, McEvoy M, Freel J.
EMS World Oct 2019 42-46

Characteristics and Diversity of ACGME Accredited EMS fellowship Programs
March J, Adams J, Portela, R, Taylor SE, McManus J
Prehosp Emerg Care. 2019; 23(4): 551-559.PMID 30404550

Retention of cricothyrotomy skills by paramedics using a wire guided technique
March JA, Kiemeney MJ, De Guzman J, Ferguson J
Am J Emerg Med.2019; 37(3): 407-410.PMID 29891124

Willingness of EMS Professionals to Respond to an Active Shooter Incident
Chovaz M, Patel R,March JA, Taylor S, Brewer K.
Journal of Special Operations Medicine.2018; 18(4): 82-86. PMID 30566728

Can Heart Rate Variability Risk Stratify Patients with Undifferentiated Non traumatic Chest Pain
March JA, Russoniello CV, Murray NP, Robey WC.
Prehospital Emergency Care 2018;22(1):147

Comparison Of The I-Gel Supraglottic and King Laryngotracheal Airways in A Simulated Tactical Environment
March JA, Tassey TE, Resurreccion NB, Portela RC, Taylor SE.
Prehospital Emergency Care 2018;22(3): 385-389. PMID 29365743 

CAPCE Board of Directors
Curriculum Matching For a Credible and Valid Educational Experience.
EMS World. 2017 May; 46(5):44-45. PMID 29989731

North Carolina College of Emergency Physicians’ Guidance Document on Emergency Medical Services
Winslow JE, Fernandez AR,Swanson D, Williams JG, Mitchell T, Nicks BA, Askew KL, Alson RL, Nelson DR,Stopyra JP, Zalkin J, Kearns RD, March JA.
NC MedJ. 2015 Sep-Oct;76(4):256-62. DOI: 10.18043/ncm.76.4.256.

Effective Use of Naloxone by Law Enforcement in Response to Multiple Opioid Overdoses
Bryan B. Kitch MD & Roberto C. Portela MD (2016)
Prehospital Emergency Care,20:2, 226-229, DOI: 10.3109/10903127.2015.1076097

Part 9: First aid: 2015 International Consensus on First Aid Science with Treatment Recommendations.
Zideman DA, Singletary EM, De Buck ED, Chang WT, Jensen JL, Swain JM, Woodin JA, Blanchard IE, Herrington RA, Pellegrino JL, Hood NA, Lojero-Wheatley LF, Markenson DS, Yang HJ; First Aid Chapter Collaborators, Arnold LK, Bradley RN,Caracci BC, Carlson JN, Cassan P,Chalkias AF, Charlton NP, DeVoge JM, Dieltjens TA, Evans TR, Ferguson JD, Fringer RC, Hafner CM, Han KH, Handley AJ,Kitch BB, Koehler DN, Kule A, MacPherson AI, Meyran D, Nemeth MA, Patocka C, Pauwels NS, Reilly MJ, Rusk RC, Schunder-Tatzber S, Seitz SR,Shenefelt RM, Wang CH, Woo J H. Resuscitation. 2015 Oct;95:e225-61. doi: 10.1016/j.resuscitation.2015.07.047.Epub 2015 Oct 15

Part 9: First Aid: 2015 International Consensus on First Aid Science With Treatment Recommendations.
Singletary EM, Zideman DA, De Buck ED, Chang WT, Jensen JL, Swain JM, Woodin JA, Blanchard IE,Herrington RA, Pellegrino JL, Hood NA, Lojero-Wheatley LF, Markenson DS,Yang HJ; First Aid Chapter  Collaborators. Circulation. 2015 Oct 20;132(16Suppl 1):S269-311. doi:10.1161/CIR.0000000000000278

2015 International Consensus on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care Science With Treatment Recommendations Part 1: Executive Summary
Mary Fran Hazinski,Co-Chair*; Jerry P. Nolan, Co-Chair*; Richard Aickin;Farhan Bhanji;John E. Billi;Clifton W. Callaway; Maaret Castren; Allan R. de Caen; Jose Maria E. Ferrer; Judith C. Finn; Lana M. Gent;Russell E. Griffin; Sandra Iverson; Eddy Lang;Swee Han Lim; Ian K. Maconochie;William H. Montgomery; Peter T. Morley; Vinay M. Nadkarni; Robert W. Neumar; Nikolaos I. Nikolaou; Gavin D. Perkins; Jeffrey M. Perlman; Eunice M. Singletary; Jasmeet Soar; Andrew H. Travers; Michelle Welsford;Jonathan Wyllie;David A. Zideman. Circulation. 2015;132[suppl 1]:S2–S39. DOI: 10.1161/CIR.0000000000000270.

Best Practices in CE. How technology is changing the way we deliver continuing education.
CECBEMS BOD, March J. et al.
EMS World June 2015

Prehospital care of traumatic brain injury in North Carolina
Nelson, R.D., Stopyra, J., March J
NC Med J 2015 Apr;76(2):115-8

An instrument approach to airway management.
Thomson, D.P., Braude, D., High, K.,Miller-Tester, R.
Air Med. J. 2015; 34(2): 113-116. DOI: 10.1016/j.amj.2014.12.011.